U16 & U19 athletes entered into the MTL Championship will be able to log times over the weekend in 4 qualifying events. The male and female athlete in the U16 & U19 age groups that achieves the lowest overall cumulative time over the weekend will be crowned the MTL Champion for 2021!

Qualifying events are:

  • Central Bicycle Studio Cycling Points Race
  • AquaRace Grand Prix Swim
  • The Manawatu Mile Road Race
  • The Palmy Enduro

You must complete all four qualifying events to be eligible.

MTL Championship Scoring

We will use a cumulative timing system for the MTL Championship where you will be rewarded for consistent effort and every second will count!

For the AquaRace Grand Prix Swim, the Manawatu Mile Road Race and The Palmy Enduro we will add together all of your times for each of the individual events.

For the Central Bicycle Studio Points Race this will allow MTL Championship athletes to achieve time bonuses (these time bonuses are distinct from the overall standing in the individual Points Race).

These time bonuses are:

1st: 10 seconds

2nd: 5 seconds

3rd: 3 seconds

4th: 2 seconds

5th: 1 second

For example if we had Mark vs. Lucy and made up some estimated times:

CBS Points Race: Mark wins 2 sprint laps, comes 3rd in one and blows up on the last one so he gets a 23 second bonus & Lucy comes 3rd in each of the 5 sprint laps so she gets a 15 second bonus.

Going into Sat morning Mark is sitting on -23 seconds and Lucy is sitting on -15 seconds.

AquaRace Grand Prix Swim: Lucy swims 10.36 for 900m and Mark swims 12mins flat for the 900m after he has some difficulty getting around one of the buoys.

The Manawatu Mile race: Lucy runs 5.59 and Mark goes all wild boy and runs a 5.17

Going into Sunday, overall standings are:

Mark: 16.58

Lucy: 16.21

So it will all come down to The Palmy Enduro on Sunday!

If Mark completes The Palmy Enduro in 20 mins on Sunday (as he's watched Kristian Blummenfelt's transitions in Tokyo and got some fast transition tips) and it takes Lucy 20 mins & 30 seconds to complete The Palmy Enduro then overall standings would be:

Mark: 36.58

Lucy: 36.51

Soooooo close! So you can see Lucy will beat Mark by 7 seconds! Every second in every event will count regardless if you're coming 2nd or 22nd!

Le Prix de la combativité award

For U16 & U19 athletes entered into the MTL Championship & who complete the Central Bicycle Studio Points Race we also have added a chance for you to win a "Most Combative Rider" jersey similar to the Le Prix de la combativité award at the Tour de France.

This award has been awarded at the Tour de France since 1952 (with some big name winners - Peter Sagan, Dan Martin & Julian Alaphilippe to name a few) so we're going to take the chance to add in some history and spice into our event!

We will have a jersey for the most combative rider in both female & male categories in the U16 & U19 age groups. The Most Combative Rider will be judged in all age groups by 3 experienced members of the local cycling community.

Just remember you will need to participate in this event safely. Any dangerous behaviour and our judging panel will exclude you from the award!

Le Prix de la combativité award
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