A triangular based swim course in a wakeboard lake around 30 mins from the Palmerston North city centre.

Our event is designed by our local Olympic triathlete, 3-time Aquathlon World Champion & swim coach Shane Reed (if you don’t know who Shane is here’s a clip for you - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mpWpaiXWo4 that’s Shane out the front). Our event is just like laps around a fast Formula One circuit with one main exception - you are the engine!

Each lap is 500m with a run to the swim entry and a run up the swim exit to either start another lap or head to the finish line.

  • U13 athletes: 300m / out and back
  • U16 athletes: 500m / 1 lap
  • U19 athletes: 1000m / 2 laps
  • U23/Open athletes: 1500m / 3 laps